Blue Light and it's Effects

What is Blue Light (HEV)?

We are exposed to Blue Light constantly throughout the day. It exists naturally, being produced by the sun and by artificial light sources, such as smartphones, computers and TV's. Recent studies show that over exposure to blue light (HEV) from these digital sources may have a detrimental effect on our health, making us susceptible to digital eye strain, sleeping disorders and macular degeneration.

In moderation, blue light can be beneficial to us. It is produced by the sun to regulate our circadian rhythm, signalling our body when to wake up and to go to sleep again. Our eyes are specifically designed to handle this type of energy from the sun, however they can only handle so much before, like our bodies, they need to rest. Prolonged exposure to artificial blue violet light can cause our eyes to strain, leading to headaches.

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Digital Eye Strain

Most of us spend the majority of our days and night staring at digital sources, whether it is at a computer, on our phones, playing games or even watching TV the old school way. All this time in front of these devices can be hard on your eyes and lead to eye strain.

This can cause your eyes to hurt or be dry and itchy. Maybe you are suffering from loss of focus, blurry vision or a feeling of being a little fatigued. Headaches or neck pain? All these signs can be symptoms of digital eye strain and you wouldn't even know.

Here is another reason you may be tired

Beyond eyestrain, blue light can lead to other forms of fatigue. Whilst during the day, blue light is beneficial as it can boost attention, reaction and moods. At night, artificial blue light can disrupt the circadian rhythm that causes the natural release of a hormone called melatonin, melatonin helps our body know when it is time to sleep. Due to the tricky performed by artificial blue light, our brain still thinks it is daytime, meaning falling asleep can be more difficult and it is harder to go into a deep sleep. Circadian disruption can also lead to other more serious side effects, including an increased risk of obesity and depression if not managed.

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